synsense and iniVation are launching Speck, a micropower combined vision sensor and processor SoC, at CES2019 in Las Vegas.

Speck is the world’s first complete, single-chip, intelligent neuromorphic vision system for mobile and IoT applications. It delivers smart, always-on vision sensing at a tiny power budget.

Speck is a fully event-driven neuromorphic chip, combining a vision sensor with a convolutional neural network processor, packaged in a single chip.

“iniVation’s event-based Dynamic Vision Sensor technology provides a true neuromorphic vision sensing solution,” said Dr Kynan Eng, CEO of iniVation. “Our sensor enables low-bandwidth, low-power, real-time vision solutions.”

“Event-based vision is a perfect match for our event-based convolutional network processing architecture,” added Dr Ning Qiao, CEO of SynSense. “By putting our processor as close to the sensor as possible, we can provide an ultra-low-power, low-cost solution for vision in mobile and embedded applications.”

Speck is ideal for many applications requiring always-on, real-time response at extremely low power budgets. It can be applied in fields including security, mobile devices, interactive signage, robotics and toys.

Samples of Speck devices will be available starting in Q3 2019.


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