synsense and the EU’s emerging technologies program to develop neuromorphic medical applications

We can now go public with further details about a Europe-wide technology collaboration in which SynSense will develop its hardware platform to read and process biological signals in real time.

The European Commission FET Proactive program fosters multidisciplinary research communities to work on emerging technologies.

The goal of this new collaboration is to build medical technologies that interface directly with the nervous system.

The technology could one day support people living with brain injuries, and other neurological conditions.

Part of the award to SynSense will create a fulltime research engineering position at our lab in Zurich.

Stay tuned for news about upcoming science festivals and open days featuring work from this program. It’s an opportunity to meet and discuss neuromorphic approaches face to face with us.

Are you interested to learn more about our hardware applications to track biological signals in real-time?

We are releasing a series of explainer videos in the coming month about the difference between conventional hardware and brain-inspired machine-learning approaches.

Watch the first explainer video here


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